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7" Butterscotch Bliss

Our sweet number, the tantalizing Butterscotch Bliss is made with 2 layers of moist butterscotch cake, layered with our very own Luscious Italian frosting, generously smothered with layers of Butterscotch sauce. Decorated with vibrant dried edible flower & colourful chocolate bark.

Ingredients: Flour (wheat, gluten, starch), dairy (butter, cream, milk), leavening raising agent (soda bicarbonate, baking powder), eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla, salt, white chocolate, dried edible forget-me-not, dried edible rose, dried edible sweet osmanthus.

Allergy Information:

Contains: wheat, gluten, dairy, egg

*Made in a premise that uses gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, celery, mustard, eggs, milk, sesame, products that may contain soy.

Price: RM128.00

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